Omelette Maker
Omelette Maker
Omelette Maker

Omelette Maker

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Our Omelette Maker is designed for multipurpose use. It's four holes allows you to stir fry, flip, grill, simmer and toss dishes such as steak, egg, vegetable, pancake, omelette, fritter, fried rice without worrying about spills or splashes.

Product Overview

  • Our Omelette Maker can be used on induction stove top as well as an open fire, gas, electric or ceramic glass tops. Its Aluminium construction conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control for fast cooking.
  • Its non stick surface is easy to flip and cook without worrying about dealing with sticky, messy and hard-to-clean surface ensuring effortless food release and easy clean-up.
  • Coated with stainless steel for beauty and durability, this cookware is 100% PFOA & PTEE & PFOS & Cadmium Free without any toxic chemicals, providing safe and healthy diet for your family.
  • Certification: CE / EU, SGS, LFGB
  • Diameter: 24cm
  • Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover