Home Brew Syphon Tube

Home Brew Syphon Tube

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Our Home Brew Syphon Tube is the ideal brewing tool for a budding or experienced Home Brewer.

Product Overview
  • High quality, made of environmentally friendly plastic material, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • This Syphon tube is Multipurpose,can be used for enzyme, filtering, extracting and bottling, 
  • Flows fast, easy to grasp, great for pouring, transfer wine, bottling etc.
  • Easy to use, ready to siphon sterile filter, the siphon tube inserted into the liquor filter, pinch hard plastic soft ball, let go wine to wash over.
  • Suitable for home brewing, wine, liquor , white wine, yellow wine, red wine, bottling. can be used for filtering.
  • Certification: CIQ