Spiral Knife Carver
Spiral Knife Carver

Spiral Knife Carver

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This is what you need if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, preparing delicious and natural fries or snacks, then you're familiar with the frustrating task of wasting time peeling and slicing your veggies or fruits. Now, we offer our Spiral Knife Carver as the perfect solution.

Product Overview

  • This multi functional spiral knife is made from top-quality, durable stainless steel, guaranteed to last for many years regardless of intensive day-to-day use. The metallic material is anti-rust and will prevent oxidation.
  • Ideal in making all kinds of curly fries, spiraled zucchini, healthy cucumber salads has never been easier! This user-friendly fruits& veggies cutter requires no effort and comes with a practical handle design, ideal for sure perfect spirals in a matter of Seconds!
  • Stop throwing away the most nutritious parts of your fruits and vegetables, and learn to use their peels for creating delicious, fun and creative recipes. Use the leftovers for delicious stuffed potatoes and impress your guests on every occasion.
  • Certification: CE / EU, CIQ
  • Size: 16cm