Egg Roll Maker
Egg Roll Maker
Egg Roll Maker
Egg Roll Maker
Egg Roll Maker

Egg Roll Maker

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Make Egg Rolls or any roll of your choice with our Portable Egg Roll Maker.
Product Overview
  • 360° stereo heating, 360° thermal package.
  • Designed for easy rotary disassembly and quick rinsing: The detachable base is equipped with a special cleaning brush that ensures no residue is left after cleaning.
  • Made of Non-stick pan which allows the finished product to be easily taken out. The funnel is designed so that the ingredients are not easily spilled.
  • Multi-function cover prevents heat loss and stabilizes the position of the bamboo stick.
  • To Operate;
    • Brush the oil in the inner cavity with the brush rod. 
    • Pour vegetable egg liquid into the inner cavity and insert a bamboo stick.  Cover the plastic cover to prevent heat loss. 
    • After six minutes, turn off power and remove the egg roll. .
  • Package includes: 

    • 1pc Egg Boiler
    • 1pc  power cord
    • 1pc  cleaning brush
    • 1pc stirring rod
    • 1set bamboo sign